Li Chun’s Count the number of inversions in a sequence

June 2, 2008

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An inversions in a sequence A1,A2,…,An of n different integers is defined as a pair of integers (Ai, Aj) satisfying Ai > Aj and i.

The idea is based on merge sort. When merge 2 sequences, A1, A2, …, Am and Am+1, Am+2, …, An, for each Ai>Aj (1<=i<=m and m+1<=j<=n), the counter of inversions add 1 to total value.

Begin Code:

int findInversion(vector* seq, int begin, int end, vector* newSeq) {
if(begin == end) {
(*newSeq)[0] = (*seq)[begin];
return 0;
int result = 0;
int middle = (begin+end)/2;
vector* left = new vector(middle - begin + 1);
vector* right= new vector(end - middle);
result = findInversion(seq,begin,middle,left) + findInversion(seq,middle+1,end,right);
//merge sequence left an sequence right
int iterLeft=0;
int iterRight=0;
int index=0;
if(iterRightsize() && (*left)[iterLeft]>(*right)[iterRight]){
(*newSeq)[index++] = (*right)[iterRight++];
(*newSeq)[index++] = (*left)[iterLeft++];
while(iterRight <>size() ){
(*newSeq)[index++] = (*right)[iterRight++];
//release spaces and return
delete left,right;
return result;

End Code


Flickr Hot Link Test (rv2)

May 9, 2008



Raven Build 260 media store upload

April 12, 2008





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Test from Build 238

March 28, 2008

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March 20, 2008

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Date Time Test 1

March 8, 2008

Current time approx 9.26PM EST.

Updated approx. 9.54PM EST

Build 223 Date time Test

March 8, 2008

Date time test for build 223. Current time is approx 10.48AM EST.

Updated approx. 10..51AM EST.